Swiss Centers Winter Newsletter December 2023

Dear Members, Partners and Friends,


While we approach the end of another remarkable year, filled with challenges and triumphs, moments of growth and resilience, and a tapestry of experiences that have shaped us as an organization. Looking back in the past year, Swiss Centers had the pleasure taking part in various events and meetings facilitating Sino-Swiss economic relations, with quite a number of high-level Chinese delegations coming to Switzerland, then in November we organized successfully a Fact-Finding Mission to China with 14 participants from Swiss institutions and companies. At the 6th China International Import Expo (CIIE), the Swiss Centers Booth joining 27 brands under one roof has attracted the numerous Chinese visitors as well the media attention, including the most viewed news program on the Chinese Central Television.  We have also participated and contributed to the 2023 Academic Evaluation Report of the Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement, which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary next year.


Reflecting on the past year, let us recognize the significance of building bridges and physical interactions between the two countries and its people. After 2023, a year of re-connecting and re-discovery, we look forward to seeing and supporting more exchanges and visits, which will lead to concrete and fruitful business development. We also look forward to having a new Customer Success Manager joining our dynamic team based in Shanghai,


Thanks to all the members and partners, for your continuous trust and support. On behalf of the Swiss Centers team, I wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!





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New Members



IMD is an independent academic institute with close ties to business and a strong focus on impact. Through their Executive Education, MBA, Executive MBA, and advisory work they help leaders and policymakers navigate complexity and change. They support the transition to a new model that balances prosperity and growth with ecological sustainability and social inclusion. 

Sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion are in their DNA. They combine a deep understanding of human dynamics with a pioneering approach to technology and AI. They deliver powerful learning experiences for individuals and teams across the globe.





MTAG Switzerland is an international engineering corporation specialized in the development of innovative, efficient, and modernized solutions for the Steel Industry. Our experience enables us to provide our customers with innovative technological solutions and products.

They became leaders in secondary metallurgy technology solutions by supporting the production of high-quality steel for almost 30 years.







Bcomp is the leading solutions provider for natural fibre reinforcements in high performance applications from race to space.


Today, Bcomp is a leader in natural fiber composites for sustainable lightweighting. Their solutions are found from sports and motorsports to automotive interiors, luxury sailing yachts, bridges, and satellite panels. They believe in providing solutions, combining product performance with deep engineering knowledge, marketing communications and customer support all the way from idea to final product.





Renewed Members




Founded in 1988, Sukano developed the state-of-the-art, market reference slip/antiblock additive masterbatch for PET applications. Headquartered in Switzerland, it is a family-owned business with a global distribution network and production facilities in Europe, the Middle East & Africa, the Americas and Asia Pacific.


AlpVision is the world’s leader in anti-counterfeiting digital technologies for product authentication and counterfeit protection. In 2001, the company invented a breakthrough authentication technology, which is widely used today by Forbes 2000 companies. AlpVision reached profitability in 2003 and has grown steadily ever since. AlpVision’s digital anti-counterfeiting solutions for product authentication are applicable to a wide variety of items, including packaging and labelling, plastic and metal products, and high-value documents. Our anti-counterfeiting solutions are commercialized worldwide under license agreements as entirely customizable turnkey computerized systems.









Human Resources






Yulia Jin, who joined Swiss Centers in 2014, has been appointed as General Manager.


With her positive attitude, persistence, deep understanding of Swiss and Chinese culture, Yulia has successfully handled countless cases and events for our clients.


We look forward to working with her for many more years and wish her lots of success and enjoyment in her new position!







Events and Activities in Switzerland







Scene of event on China International Import Expo (CIIE) Bureau visiting Geneva




Just a month ago, we successfully completed our participation of the 6th CIIE in #Shanghai; last week in #Geneva, we welcomed a delegation of the CIIE Bureau who visited Switzerland to meet their partners in preparation for the 7th CIIE and Hongqiao International Economic Forum.


On December 6th, we participated a Symposium co-organized by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce and Hainan IEDB | Invest in Hainan, to learn about the 3 main exhibitions in China: the Hainan Expo, China International Import Expo as well the China International Fair for Trade in Services. In the presence of Vice Minister of Commerce, Mr. SHENG Qiuping and Chinese Ambassador in Switzerland, Mr. WANG Shihting, the Swiss participants could have direct and fruitful exchanges to share their experiences and expectations for future editions of these fairs. 


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Scene of visiting the Manufacture Officine Panerai in Neuchâtel


On 27 June, Swiss Centers Group had the pleasure of being part of the Neuchâtel delegation that received Wang Shihting, Ambassador of China to Switzerland, who was also accompanied by a number of his staff.


For the past 7 years, the Swiss Centers China have been one of the partners of the Canton of Neuchâtel's Department of Economic Affairs, now headed by Matthieu Aubert.


The Chinese delegation was first received by a delegation from the State Council (cantonal government) at the Neuchâtel Castle, made up of Alain Ribaux, Head of the Department of Economy, Security and Culture, State Councillor Crystel Graf, Head of the Department of Education, Digitalization and Sport, and State Chancellor Séverine Despland.


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Events and Activities in China







Swiss Centers booth at CIIE 2023


On November 5, the 6th edition of the China International Import Expo opened in Shanghai. Being an official partner of CIIE in Switzerland, Swiss Centers had a booth in the “Food & Agricultural Products” area which welcomed 27 Swiss brands on the joint Swiss Centers Cluster Booth, mostly active in the F & B field.


On November 7, we had the honor of welcoming Swiss Ambassador to China Juerg Burri, accompanied by Swiss Consul General in Shanghai Sacha Bachmann to our booth at CIIE. The Ambassador made a tour around the booth, spending time at each of our exhibitors to inquire about their experience at CIIE and afterwards enjoying some coffee. As an organization dedicated to support Swiss companies develop their businesses in China, we are extremely pleased and honored to be a consistent stop of the embassy’s visit to the exhibition.


During the visit of our Fact-finding mission delegation in the afternoon, our founder, Nicolas Musy, presented two newly selected Swiss Wine Promotion ambassadors with their certificates. Christina Wanyi Li and Wang Zhao are influencers and key opinion leaders in the Chinese wine industry and are experts particularly in Swiss wine.


We are proud for being featured in many media outlets, i.e., CCTV1's 19:00 China-wide news show "Xinwen Lianbo", which is China's most important and one of the worldwide most watched news shows. CCTV+ (Video News Agency), Sina Finance Global, 看看新闻KNEWS, Financial News, Daily Economic News, Today Minhang, Radio Shanghai, Zhoudao Shanghai, which significantly increases recognition and brings a better visibility to all our exhibitors. We also had the pleasure to be approached and interviewed by several KOLs, e.g., Fanfan who are very active on Chinese social networks.


We would like to thank the main sponsors of the booth,  Schindler Group, FHH - Fondation Haute Horlogerie and WE.UBS. Without their generous support, the booth and presence would be as successful!





Sino-Swiss Business Reception @ CIIE 2023



On November 7th, 2023, the Swiss Centers together with the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai, successfully held the annual Sino-Swiss Business Reception during the 6th CIIE.


Around 260 people celebrated the end of the year and exchanged during the casual evening reception. The Consul General, Mr. Sacha Bachmann, delivered a key-note speech, and the official part was concluded by a fruitful speech of Swiss Ambassador to China, Mr. Jürg Burri. With the inspiring speech of Mr. Ambassador, Jürg Burri on the Sino-Swiss Business Reception, marked by its compelling and friendly nature, was truly enlightening and reflective of the impactful contributions you consistently make. As Mr. Ambassador, Jürg Burri highlighted, after this year of reconnecting, we also expect more exchanges and fruitful cooperations between the two countries.


We thank our main sponsors for the support: Schindler Group, FHH - Fondation Haute Horlogerie, WE.UBS and Sika China; Without the generous support, the event could not be held! Also, a big thanks to our various in-kind sponsors, Alpes d’Or, Appenzeller Bier, Distillerie Louis Morand & Cie SA, E.I.S, Jura, Kübler Absinthe (Yves Kübler), Schuler Wine, JwB, Compers’5, Mövenpick Holding AG, IQAir, Alpine White, Kambly SA , La Pulovce, M-industry, Vitalp, AromaStick.





Scene of Watches and Wonders in Shanghai



From Geneva to Shanghai!


We are delighted to have contributed to CHARRIOL's (Charriol, Swiss watches and jewellery) presence at Watches and Wonders Shanghai, which took place from September 13 to 17 at the West Bund Art Center. Alongside 13 other Maisons, CHARRIOL presented its latest collections.


The Swiss Centers China were tasked with organizing the #transport of exhibition and decoration material, as well as gifts, in record time. Acting as #logistics service supplier, we handled import & export #customs declaration, domestic delivery, #warehouse and #stock #management, as well as general coordination with the exhibition organizer, CHARRIOL designated #forwarder#broker, warehouse and truck company.


A mission that required all the expertise and reactivity of our teams, and especially our Trade & Logistics Specialist Lucky Ding. One of the main #challenges was to ensure that the transported goods arrived punctually before the start of the exhibition, and also to quickly resolve a number of technical and logistical obstacles inherent in express shipments. But thanks to our #experience and #network, everything arrived on time for what we hope will be a very successful tradeshow for CHARRIOL!


Charriol, Swiss watches and jewellery is a prestigious #luxury brand of #timepieces, fine #jewelry and accessories, encompassing #fragrances#eyewear and #leather goods. Founded in 1983 by French entrepreneur Philippe Charriol (1942-2019), the brand remains an independent enterprise. A network of 285 boutiques and 3,800 points of sale distributes CHARRIOL's creations worldwide.


We thank CHARRIOL for their confidence and look forward to future collaborations!



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Scene of 2 wine tasting events at the residence of Swiss Ambassador


On December 14th and 15th, Swiss Centers China, on behalf of Swiss Wine Promotion (SWP), invited 3 Swiss wine importers/representatives in China —E.I.S, Schuler St.Jakobskellerei, and KEJIA— participated in 2 wine tasting events showcasing the viticultural diversity of Switzerland 🇨🇭. The events were hosted at the residence of the Swiss Ambassador Juerg Burri.


The event commenced with a welcoming address from Mr. Ambassador Burri, who expressed his warm welcome to the guests and Swiss wine importers/representatives. Mr. Ambassador Burri emphasized that Swiss wines not only represent Swiss quality but also carry many lesser-known legendary stories. He hoped that through such events, more people would come to understand and appreciate Swiss wines.



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Fact-Finding Mission: (Re)discover China






November 6th marked the start of our fact-finding mission entitled “(Re)discover China: from World Factory to Global Innovator?

Until November 11th, in 
#Shanghai#Hangzhou and #Shenzhen, we were pursuing the dual objective of:

·        (Re)#connect with #China, a country that has been virtually isolated for almost 3 years;

·        to discover a little-known aspect of China, namely the #innovation capabilities of companies based there, both Chinese and foreign.


14 participants joined our fact-finding mission for a program that we hope will be as informative as it is inspiring.


Frist stop: Shanghai

On the first day, we visited Schindler City, Schindler Group China's headquarter since 2017. The modern campus with around 325'000 m2 is home of a 200m test tower, several factories, an R&D center (the biggest of Schindler worldwide) and a training center.


The 2nd day began with a visit to the first Chinese company on our trip: DeepBlue Technology Official. Founded in 2014 and a pioneer in the #AI industry ecosystem, the Shanghai-based company now has 1'000 employees. It is active in technologies as varied as computer vision, autonomous driving, biological intelligence and cognitive intelligence. Among their biggest successes in 2019 was the launch of #Smart Panda Bus, whose special feature is its ability to drive with AI without a driver, while remaining under human supervision (= L4 Autonomous Vehicles). A lively exchange took place with Dr. Li Zehan, Group Vice President.


The afternoon was dedicated to a visit to the 6th China International Import Expo, of which we are the official partner for Swiss participation. We first stopped by our booth to give an insight into how the Swiss SMEs we host promote their products and services in China. The (very!) many #visitors proved to be a great #success! An opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine, savor a biscuit or try your hand at watchmaking...Swiss, of course!


The day ended with our iconic Sino-Swiss Business Reception, co-organized with the Swiss #Consulate in Shanghai and attended by a record 260 participants. Juerg Burri, Swiss Ambassador to China, was our guest of honour, gives a interesting keynote speech, The event was moderated by Sacha Bachmann, Swiss Consul General in Shanghai.


Day 3, We first had the pleasure of welcoming our 14 participants to our premises in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Present here since 2014, we host around 20 companies (Fraisa (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.OM PharmaClaroSwiss Filtration Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.Microdia SA MTAG Switzerland, etc.) who benefit from the many advantages offered by this zone to companies importing into China.


Second stop: Hangzhou

Day 4 for the 14 participants in our fact-finding mission, we began with a visit to Alibaba Cloud, founded in 2009 and a subsidiary of the world-famous group of the same name Alibaba Group. Alibaba Cloud is one of the early players in this field and is now present in 89 zones almost everywhere in the world. No. 1 in Asia, they also rank 3rd worldwide, with a 7.8% market share (by 2022). They are active in #financial services, #retail, #media and #entertainment, #manufacturing and #web3.0.


The second part of the day was devoted to a meeting with Lucas Rondez who has been based in Hangzhou for the past 15 years. A true serial #entrepreneur, he now heads TAROMED, an innovative #medical equipment and supply company, specialized in producing #protective #equipment for #healthcare professionals and civil workers such as isolation gowns and liquid collection solutions.


Third stop: Shenzhen

Day 5 we visited 2 giants: BYD and DJI. BYD was founded in 1995 and is a global manufacturing conglomerate with a focus on #battery-driven products. Their portfolio today includes #automobiles#rail systems and solar panels. BYD's automobile segment has been especially successful, overtaking #Tesla as the world's largest #EV manufacturer last year. We then visited DJI, by far the world's largest manufacturer of consumer #drones. In addition to this well-known aspect, since 2020 the company has been developing a line of professional drones and cameras, in partnership with Hasselblad. Founded in 2006 with a staff of 20, DJI now employs 14,000 people, 20% of whom work in R&D.


For our final evening, we co-organized with the #Consulate General of #Switzerland in #Guangzhou, the Swiss Business Hub China and SwissCham China South China chapter a Sino-Swiss Business Afterwork in the SanYou bar, part of the Hope Group, founded by 2 EHL alumni Bastien Ciocca and Andrew Ho.


For this 6th day, we turned our attention to one of the world's best-known Chinese companies: Huawei, where we had the chance to visit both their #HQ, where we visited their exhibition hall dedicated to their B2B solutions. Then, after an hour's drive, the doors of their Songshan Lake #Campus opened up to us.


All in all, a visit as inspiring as it was informative, ending a dense week’s travel that was as much about (re)connecting with China as it was about discovering the innovative capabilities of companies based there, both Chinese and foreign.


Finally, we would like to sincerely thank all the participants in this fact-finding mission for their presence, the many discussions, and the excellent atmosphere throughout this dense trip!




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