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Dear Swiss Centers Members, Partners and Friends,


The past few months have surely been an intense period for many of us, with the unprecedented crisis caused by COVID-19. Extraordinary times calls for extraordinary actions. The Swiss Centers has engaged in acquiring urgently needed PPEs and medical equipment to support Swiss hospitals, institutions and its people in fighting against the pandemic. We have chartered 5 Swiss flights from Shanghai to Zurich/Geneva, shipping more than 20 million masks, 3 million protective gloves and medical equipment in emergency rooms.


Today, both China and Switzerland are resuming to a certain normality. The two countries are among the best examples in managing the pandemic crisis, and therefore ranked at the top by COVID-19 safety according to the think-tank Deep Knowledge Group.


Nevertheless, the fight against the pandemic is not yet finished, and we have to learn to live with the COVID-19 and adapt our ways of living and conduct businesses in the months or years to come.  While people are getting used to social distancing and mask-wearing, the business world is changing with a lot of challenges as well as opportunities ahead! The Swiss Centers is fully committed to support its members and partners and to learn, to adapt, to grow together though this challenging times.



Zhen Xiao



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§   New Members

§   We Did It! 5 Chartered Flights with Medical Supplies Landed in Switzerland

§   Survey Result: 2020 Swiss Business in China

§   Join the Swiss Centers Cluster @ 3rd China International Import Expo

§   Work Station Available – next to Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub








New Members



Zaugg Emballeur AG was founded on 1 January 1977 as a packaging company for exports.

In 1985, Zaugg Emballeur AG expanded its warehousing services and found the “Facility Management” department. Logistics is the newest department, which was established on 1 January 2007.


In September 2011, Zaugg Emballeur AG was the first professional Swiss transport packer and crate manufacturer to expand into China. Zaugg (Changzhou) Packaging Co. Ltd. in China currently primarily works for Western customers looking for professional service and “Swiss Quality produced in China”.

The company is already considered a proven specialist for the packing and global export of goods of all kinds, providing the highest-possible care, quality and service.






For over 450 years, the Swiss Saltworks have produced, stockpiled and distributed salt, a vital raw material for the Swiss population.

The three salt works of Schweizerhalle, Riburg and Bex produce up to 600,000 tonnes of salt each year for the most diverse applications.


Internationally, the Swiss Saltworks are part of the association of European salt producers (EuSalt, European Salt Producers' Association) and represent the interests of Switzerland as a whole in the fields of food and health, of quality, norms, standards and the environment.







Sukano is a global specialist for additive & color masterbatches and compounds for PET, PLA and specialty resins.

The company is driven by expertise and focuses its technical knowledge on developing innovative products and services for conventional polymers and biodegradables that can be used for applications in packaging, medical, durable goods, building and construction, industrial.



Founded in 1988, Sukano developed the until today market reference slip/antiblock additive masterbatch for PET film and sheet applications. Headquartered in Switzerland, it is a family-owned business with a global footprint and distribution network and three production facilities strategically located in Europe, the Americas and Asia. 

Sukano has been active in Greater China, via business partner, for more than 20 years.










We Did It! 5 Chartered Flights with Medical Supplies Landed in Switzerland






Since late March, Swiss Centers China have been engaged as part of a task force to acquire urgently needed medical equipment in Switzerland for the fight against COVID-19.

Five chartered SWISS flights have transferred medical goods directly from Shanghai to Switzerland, on April 12th, April 21st, May 5th, May 17th and May 22nd respectively. We have confirmed orders of over 20 million masks, 3 million protective gloves and medical equipment in emergency rooms.


The SWISS planes were specifically prepared to transport the important goods. Mr. Lorenzo Stoll, Head of Western Switzerland at SWISS: “In the Boeing 777, where usually 340 passengers travel, 215m³ of material was stored in the cargo hold, the passenger cabin and in the overhead luggage space.”


While Swiss Centers chartered the Swiss planes, organized the logistics and managed all the new customs rules, our partner China Integrated sourced the products, evaluated and managed the suppliers and assured the quality, among others by organizing pre-shipment inspection through SGS.


As restrictions are slowly rolled back and life regains certain degree of normality, we are glad to have managed delivery and customs clearance in time to the hospitals and companies in need of medical equipment, despite the intensified challenges from shortages, and volatile prices as well as new customs regulations before the shipment.










Survey Result: 2020 Swiss Business in China




Our previous analysis of Swiss Businesses in China published in the 2019-summer edition of the Bridge was titled “Economic Slowdown becomes top concern”.


The current survey was completed days before the Wuhan lockdown and the main concern was a further intensified “Economy Slowdown in China” with 69% of Swiss firms listing it as a challenge against only 51% in the 2019 survey.


Finding and attracting talent remains the top internal challenge. With slower growth, however, the intensity of the challenge is diminishing while innovation and marketing become key competitive advantages to build up for success.


Building these advantages is certainly more and more important as competition and rising costs remain the other key external challenges that businesses face in the Chinese environment.


To sell, Swiss firms differentiate themselves very clearly from their Chinese competitors through “High Quality” and “Developing a Strong Brand”.


They also woke up to the critical importance of R&D and market research, two elements where they are this year on a par with Chinese respondents.


Chinese firms, traditionally weaker at branding and innovating, compete and differentiate by putting emphasis on service, distribution and providing cost effective goods and services (price/quality ratio).


Overall and despite the geopolitical rivalry, trade war and increased top down management of the Chinese society, the Swiss have been confident about their business prospects for 2020 and in the 5 years to come. Their confidence level is as high as it has been in the last 5 years.


Will this once in a century pandemic prove to be a turning point and fundamentally alter the business confidence that China has inspired to Chinese and foreign companies alike?


See the complete survey result here.









Join the Swiss Centers Cluster @ 3rd China International Import Expo



Shanghai, 5 - 10 December 2019





The biggest Import themed trade fair, the China International Import Expo CIIE, will take place for the 3rd time in November 2020. Swiss Centers China together with the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce SCCC will organize a Swiss Cluster Booth in Consumer Goods and Food Hall.

The joint cluster booth aims to offer an ideal platform of greater visibility and synergy to Swiss SMEs. With comprehensive project management and marketing services, Swiss brands will be able to maximize promotional effects.

For Swiss brands and products who are interested, please feel free to click here to learn more.





Work Station Available – next to Shanghai Hongqiao Transportation Hub





Adjacent to the CIIE Fair ground, the Hongqiao Railway Station (1km) & Hongqiao Airport (1.75km), Swiss Centers China have the ideal office space for your use: flexible work stations, for a one-day stay or a few years, the place is an ideal location for

Ÿ   business travelers

Ÿ   nearby exhibitors

Ÿ   start-up entrepreneurs, etc.

Check out our offer here.


Our Offer








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