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SCC Newsletter Christmas 2017



Dear Members, Partners and Friends of Swiss Centers,


As the end of the year approaches, we proudly present to you this very last newsletter of 2017 which summarizes the exciting member news, interesting events and our upcoming projects in China.


2017 is undoubtedly an extraordinary year to witness the quickening pace of the development of Sino-Swiss relations, kicking off with the state visit of China’s President Mr. Xi Jinping in January, spending the entirety of 4-day first-in-the-year visit in Switzerland as the only destination country. Later in May, the Swiss President Ms. Leuthard returned the visit and officially represented Switzerland in the first “Belt and Road” Summit in Beijing. This significant high-level diplomatic exchange brought about a welcome boost in the economic cooperation between the two countries, with the upgrading of FTA, the Sino-Swiss tourism year as examples. Looking at the trade figures, in the first 3 quarters of the year, Switzerland exported goods in the value of 12.3 billion Swiss francs to China including Hong Kong, a plus of 16.2% year-on-year and an all-time-high. With an absolute export growth of 1.7 billion Swiss francs year-on-year, China including Hong Kong is now the most dynamic market for Swiss exporters, followed by Germany and the USA.


At Swiss Centers China, we had also an exciting year with 7 new members joining the cluster, our Tianjin centers in full operations supporting business expansion in northern China, and our team growing with fresh and bright minds upgrading our services meeting the emerging demands in trade and marketing. In 2017, we launched successfully our first executive training in Switzerland at Neuchatel, jointly with the St. Gallen University’s Institute of Management in Asia. We were also honored to partner with Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Zurich for the 1st Chinese Market Fair, where the series of seminars facilitated the understanding of the newest digital developments in the Chinese markets, the interaction between the two economies, and also gave a deep-dive into practical aspects of doing business in China.


Looking back, we sincerely thank all our members and partners for your trust and support; Looking forward, we hope to continue working closely with you to deliver more successes in the coming year!


Wish you all a merry Christmas and happy New Year!



Zhen Xiao



Swiss Centers China



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Member News


In November 2017, Frewitt China has renewed its Swiss Center membership. Frewitt China has been a Swiss Center member company for 8 years.



Since 1946, Frewitt Ltd., located near Fribourg, Switzerland, has been at the forefront in the development of milling processes, as well as the manufacturing of premium quality mills for renowned, industry-leading clientele active in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and food sectors. Oriented towards the present and future needs of its customers, as well as the anticipation of future trends, Frewitt places its first priority on providing optimal process solutions and thereafter delivering cutting-edge milling, sieving, homogenizing, deagglomerating, conveying, dosing, and filling systems for powders and granulates of every type.

Since 2008, Frewitt China has operated in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park. Highly praised for product technology, stability and cost-effectiveness, Frewitt has built up a solid reputation in the Chinese market.





From January 2018, FRAISA China will operate from its new office (A202) hosted at the Swiss Center Shanghai in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.



FRAISA offers a comprehensive range of metal cutting tools: milling tools, drills, taps, indexable inserts and many more. FRAISA products are characterised by high performance, precision and quality – at an excellent price/performance ratio.

With various performance classes, FRAISA’s product range also covers the individual wishes of customers: from the inexpensive yet technically perfect product line through to our FRAISA X-Generation for the utmost performance and precision.

Furthermore, FRAISA ensures the sustainable market success and the long-term competitiveness of customers with a distinct range of services on offer: personal and competent expert consultancy, process engineering, special customised equipment according to the customer‘s wishes, profitability calculations and a range of service tools are all integral to what FRAISA has to offer.





Since November 2017, DIXI Polytool SA and Ventura Mecanics SA have established a jointed sales office (A208) hosted at the Swiss Center Shanghai in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone.



DIXI Polytool SA is specialized in the production of tungsten carbide and diamond cutting tools as well as precision reamers. The company is based in Le Locle since 1946. Since its creation, the company has been in the hands of the Castella family. From the very beginning, DIXI Polytool was a pioneer in the manufacturing of tungsten carbide tools.

At present, DIXI Polytool employs over 250 people, of whom 190 are based in Switzerland. In parallel to its subsidiaries, DIXI Polytool collaborates with nearly 40 international agents.


Ventura Mecanics SA, a family company, was founded in 1983 by Fabio Ventura, Sr. At that time, Mr. Ventura had already been in business for more than 22 years, overhauling Escomatic® tool-heads.

From its first days, the company refurbished not only tool-heads, but also overhauled Escomatic® automatic Swiss lathe machines. During its development, Ventura Mechanics has built strong relationships with its customers in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Today it employs 15 experienced technicians trained in Switzerland.












Latest Events



Neuchâtel, September 14th-15th

Subsidiary in China – Key to Success for the Headquarter: Two-day seminar to introduce Swiss managers to best practices in managing a subsidiary in China









in collaboration with


The 14th and 15th September 2017, the Swiss Centers China together with the University of St-Gallen, Institute of Management in Asia, organized a two-day seminar in the city of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. The program was composed of multiple points of view from Chinese society and management practices, to ensure that participants understand both the social and business environment that affect foreign-invested businesses in China. 

The program also included a practical workshop session where the participants had the opportunities to present concrete cases and questions, and to practice working out answers and implementable guidelines with the support of the experts giving the seminar.

 The Swiss Centers China sincerely thanks the participants for actively contributing to the dynamic and the quality of the seminar as well as the Canton of Neuchâtel for its logistic support.

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Zürich, October 18th

2nd Sino-Swiss Healthcare Forum: A deep dive into innovation in healthcare in both countries







In collaboration with



The Swiss Centers China supported the 2nd Sino-Swiss Healthcare Forum 2017 organized by CEIBS (China-Europe International Business School) and UBS. The event was held in Zürich, Switzerland on the 18th of October 2017.

With more than 200 participants, over 50 great minds from the healthcare industry in Switzerland and China offered the audience perspicarious insights into the foundation and prospects for China-Switzerland cooperation within this industry.

The full day program covered various sources of innovation that will shape the future of the healthcare industry from wearable devices to the potential of big data. The participants as well as the high-end panel engaged in vivid exchange and debates.

The Swiss Centers China sincerely thanks CEIBS for inviting us to contribute with a keynote speech in the session on technological innovation and the opportunity to invite its members network to take part in this event.


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entry overvview


Zhen Xiao





Zürich, October 27th

1st Chinese Market Fair: A unique opportunity for Swiss companies to learn about Chinese Industrial Parks and Free Trade Zones









In collaboration with

Logo SCCC Zurich_untenweissangesetzt 2


Swiss Centers China was present at the first Chinese Market Fair held in Zurich, on 27 October 2017, which provided a unique opportunity for Swiss and Chinese companies to learn about a number of Chinese Industrial/Technology Parks or Free Trade Zones and their benefits.


The series of seminars at the 1st Chinese Market Fair facilitated the understanding of the newest digital developments in the Chinese markets, the interaction between the two economies, and also gave a deep-dive into practical aspects of doing business in China, covering topics from tax, legal, intellectual property to the future of mobility.


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Tianjin, November 29th

Dr. Georges Kotrotsios, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development of CSEM visited Swiss Center Tianjin and Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Advanced Technology








On 29 November, we welcomed Dr. Georges Kotrotsios, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development of CSEM (Centre Suisse d’Electronique et de Microtechnique / Swiss Center for Electronics and Microtechnology). After having a meeting with Fan Ying Zi, Vice Chairman of Tianjin Municipal Science and Technology Commission, the delegation had a behind the scenes tour at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. with the Deputy Director, Cao Xiao Yan. The team headed for a crash test demonstration at CATARC (China Automotive Technology & Research Center), where sensors, such as the ones CSEM is working with, are highly important to gain insights into what is happening to the car while an accident occurs. Furthermore Dr. Georges Kotrotsios and the SCT had a tour at the SCT Office in Dongli. The trip ended at the Hotel Geneva, where the welcome cocktail for the Tianjin International Technology Transfer Convention took place.


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Upcoming Events



Shanghai, November 5th-10th 2018

China International Import Exposition (CIIE)

The Chinese Embassy in Switzerland will hold the Promotion Event for CIIE in Bern on January 15th. Swiss Companies will have the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity this exposition brings.








The Chinese economy is developing steadily with a medium-high speed of growth. In the following five years, China is expecting to import goods and service worth more than ten trillion USD, which provides a historic opportunity for enterprises to enter the huge Chinese market.


In May 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced at the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in Beijing that China will host China International Import Exposition (CIIE) starting from 2018. The first CIIE will be held in Shanghai during November 5th to 10th, 2018. It represents an important move of China to open its market and promote trade, while also serving as a platform for international cooperation for all countries to showcase their development achievements and discuss global economic and trade issues.


The Chinese Embassy in Switzerland sincerely invites you to participate in CIIE as exhibitor, and warmly expect you to join our Promotion Event on January 15th 2018, from 14:30 to 17:30 in Bern, Hotel Schweizerhof to get a more comprehensive understanding of the CIIE. For registration, please contact the Economic and Commercial Counsellor’s Office of the embassy. Tel: 0041 31 5550239-891. Email: ch@mofcom.gov.cn.


For more details on the exhibition in Shanghai and how to apply, click here.


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Shanghai, January 30th 2018

Jing-Jin-Ji Area: Introducing China’s Megalopolis in the Making








In January 2018, Swiss Center Tianjin will organize the joint event “Jing-Jin-Ji Area: Introducing China’s Megalopolis in the Making” in collaboration with SwissCham Shanghai.

In China, megaregions are an increasingly significant trend. Jing-Jin-Ji - which stands for "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei", is a central plank of the country's economic development plan over the next century. As part of key national strategy, the government is expected to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on transportation and infrastructure projects that would connect about 130 million people living in Beijing, the bustling port city of Tianjin and 11 other cities in Hebei province.

For foreign investors with operations in these regions, the prospect of streamlined administration, integrated logistics networks, and mass consumer markets points to a welcome future.

At the same time, vast differences in industry focus between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei act as barriers towards future integration of the region. Beijing is dominated by state-owned enterprises and high-tech companies, while Tianjin is the export gateway of the region, specializing in advanced manufacturing. Hebei, on the other hand, remains firmly grounded in heavy industry.

"All eyes are on the Jing-Jin-Ji region as a testing ground for innovative solutions," says an October 2015 report by the Paulson Institute. How will the experiments unfold? What opportunities does the development bring for Swiss companies?


More details on this event will follow soon on our website.






What’s Happening?




Shanghai Free Trade Port on the Horizon


The preliminary set-up plan will focus on free flow of 3 key elements – commodities, capital and talent








Shortly after the conclusion of the 19th Party Congress in late October, Gao Feng, spokesperson for Ministry of Commerce of PRC confirmed that the ministry is working closely with Shanghai to propose the action plan for the set-up of the Shanghai Free Trade Port. According to the approved framework by the State Council, the plan is due to conclude before the end of the year 2017.


The free trade port set-up comes 4 years after the launch of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, the first of its kind in mainland China. Forming a key part of the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone 3.0 strategy, the free trade port set-up plan promises to deepen reform and further upgrade administration and regulatory mechanisms to position the Shanghai port among world’s most advanced free trade ports, such as Hong Kong and Singapore.


The preliminary plan for the Shanghai Free Trade Port will focus on free flow of three key elements – commodities, capital and talent, while also aiming for breakthroughs in preferential taxation policies, the China Securities Journal reported on 8th November.


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Waigaoqiao International Machine Tools Center Phase II in Full Swing








As a platform for international trade facilitation and specialized service for the high-end intelligent manufacturing industry, the Waigaoqiao International Machine Tool Center (IMT) Phase II project has been completed and has started operation since the middle of the year. At present, Waigaoqiao International Machine Tool Center has expanded to 100,000 square meters of scale.


Waigaoqiao International Machine Tool Center has successfully attracted more than 140 multinational machine tool enterprises from more than 10 countries and regions settled in, the customer presents "three high" features - high precision, high efficiency and high cutting-edge..


From 2013 onwards, the import value of machine tools within the IMT cluster grew by about 10% year by year, and by the end of 2016 has achieved import trade volume of 35 billion US dollars. In the first half of 2017, the import trade volume was about 20 billion US dollars.


In 2014, Swiss Center Shanghai opened the Machinery, Trading and Business Center located in the IMT Phase I Compound, which neighbours industry-leading names such as Georg Fischer Machining Solutions, Willemin Macodel, Index Traub among others. Within three years, over 20 Swiss companies have established themselves in the center. Swiss Center Shanghai offers modular office and bonded warehouse space at the center on a continuous basis. For a quote, please contact us.



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Swiss Business in China Survey 2017/18




Join the Survey Now to Give Your Enterprise a Voice








We are committed to giving a voice to managers and investors of foreign and Chinese companies in China, with the objective of providing decision makers with a benchmark on how fellow managers and entrepreneurs are doing and ground-level insights on the trends that drive China. Last year’s CEIBS survey received replies from close to 1200 companies, among which there were over 100 decision makers from Swiss enterprises.  The survey is believed to be representative of the approximately 600 Swiss companies that have established operations in China.


For respondents from Swiss companies, additional questions are included to gather insights into how the Swiss business community in particular is doing in the current business environment in China.


The survey is prepared in a user-friendly way and will take around 15 to 20 minutes of your time to complete. All participants will receive a complete set of the results and comparative analysis. For a look at last year’s results, click here to download the 2016/17 survey. Results were published in Switzerland through press releases viewed by over two millions readers. The Swiss Embassy and other official institutions will also make use of the results.


To start the survey, click here.



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Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement




China/Switzerland FTA: A Short Update and Practical Tips








A roundtable organized by the Swiss Center Shanghai in March 2017 finds that the satisfaction rate on the implementation of the FTA is lukewarm, with Swiss companies being only “slightly satisfied” with the implementation process for both imports and exports.


Now, A Short Update and Practical Tips on the FTA issued by Swiss Centers in partnership with Eiger Law and SwissCham is available to introduce the implications of the FTA, highlight common mistakes by importers and to give a few practical tips to help Swiss companies achieve a better understanding of the agreement.


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New Team Members




Anna & Roman, Welcome to Swiss Center Tianjin!





Roman Blättler is the new operations manager in Tianjin. He received his BSc. from the University of Applied Science in Lucerne in Business Engineering & Innovation and also held the Swiss Federal Certificate of Proficiency as a multimedia electronics technician. After doing is exchange semester in Beijing at the Tsinghua University, his interest into China only grew. Apart from that, his interest is also in photography and any kind of outdoor activity. The main responsibility of his new position in Tianjin is to lead the local team of Swiss Centers Tianjin, to engage new companies, meet potential customers and to promote our range of services.



Anna Jiang is responsible for administration at Swiss Center Tianjin Wuqing. Anna gained a bachelor’s degree in Computing from Naval University of Engineering, PLA and also a professional certificate in Accounting. Before joining Swiss Center Wuqing, she has been working as an accountant. Her hobbies include music, photography, food, and traveling.




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